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50 years of the laser

20 May 2010
50 years of the laser

To celebrate the anniversary of its discovery, the major world actors of the optical and photonics industry wished to organize a series of events. It is the case in the United States and in France, nationally and in different regions.
This action meets two objectives:
To make the general public understand what a laser is, for what it is used today and for what it will be used tomorrow
To show the cohesion and the dynamism of the sector, because the laser is also a market and a component of the economy
During this week, will take place conferences and general public presentations on the laser, its history, its functionning and its applications, as well as open doors days in companies, laboratories or technological centers. An educational bus, set up like a mobile exhibition place, will be parked in the main cities in Aquitaine leaving from Limoges on March 13th 2010. It will be provided by Scientibus association, in collaboration with Elopsys.

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