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Elopsys ensures the identification, development and support of collaborative projects of R&D.

The XLIM laboratory (Mixed Research Unit CNRS / University of Limoges known as the Carnot Institute), on which Elopsys relies, offers particular expertise in microwave frequency, especially in the following areas:
- Electromagnetism (antennas, EMC, bio-electromagnetism, radar)
- Microwaves (power amplifier, nonlinear modeling of transistors and of circuit-system, design, modeling and characterization of microwave frequency components and optoelectronics, microwave frequency filters)
- Micro and Nanotechnology (design and realization of MEMS-RF components, miniature ceramic filters)
- Modeling (transistors, circuits, microwave frequency components, electromagnetic CAO)
- Telecommunications (MIMO-OFDM system, channel coding, digitally received synchronization, Indoor/Outdoor radio channel, systems with antenna diversity, quality of service).

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