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Elopsys applies itself to the identification, development and assistance of cooperative R&D projects. The XLIM laboratory (a combined research facility of the CRNS / Limoges University and baptised as a Carnot Institute), supported by Elopsys, offers key competencies in photonics in the following domains:

- Advanced Photonic Instrumentation and Lasers: laser Systems (coherent combination of lasers, large mode area fibres, and movable micro-mirrors in lasers), optical signal processing and telecommunications.

- Next generation optical fibres: development of special micro/nano-structured optical fibres and innovative photonics materials.

Biophotonics: polarimetric imagery using optical fibres and non-linear endoscopy.

- Terahertz: characterisation of dielectric or biological environments at Terahertz frequencies. The source is designed with an eye to both its electronic (diodes, vacuum tube) and optoelectronic (frequency beating with two lasers, ultrashort pulses) properties.
- Radar and optical imagery: GPR RADAR imagery, very high resolution optical astronomical imagery and mathematical analysis.

ELOPSYS is a founding member of the French competitiveness cluster alliance which oversees the actions of the 3 major axes of competitiveness in the domain.

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