Reasearch laboratories

The Laboratory Xlim is a Research Institute jointly held by the University of Limoges and CNRS and labeled Institut Carnot, on which Elopsys relies on, offers competences in photonics and microwaves components, mathematics, secure communication systems and imagery synthesis.

6 departments:

  • Components, Circuits, Signals and High frequency Systems (C² S²)
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences (DMI)
  • Micro and Nanotechnologies for optoelectronic and microwave components (MINACOM)
  • Waves and Associated Systems (OSA)
  • Photonics
  • Signal Image and Communication (SIC)

4 transversal programs:

  • Security and reliability of the data systems: DMI, C2S2, OSA
  • Terahertz & Bio-electro-photonics: C2S2, OSA, MINACOM, PHOTONIC
  • Radar and Optics Imagery applied to astronomy: DMI, OSA, Photonics
  • CAD for the communication systems: C2S2, DMI, MINACOM, OSA

A Technological platform and Optical Instrumentation and Microwaves, PLATINOM

An offer of technological competences 

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