CEA Gramat

Le Centre d’études de Gramat, founder member of the cluster, become the CEA / Gramat, is the national reference center for the evaluation of the vulnerabilities of the weapons systems to the aggressions of nuclear and conventional weapons.
This attachment enables to gather this expertise with the one, complementary, of the military applications Department of the CEA in order to constitute a centre of excellence in detonics and electromagnetism.

The CEA called now CEAEA, Commissariat à l' Énergie Atomique et aux energies alternatives, is a French public organization specialized in scientific research in the following fields: defense and global safety, energies that do not emit greenhouse gases and technologies for information and health.

The CEA is a EPIC, établissement public industriel et commercial.
Its mission is to develop the applications of the nuclear energy in the scientific, industrial and national defense fields.


It depends on four ministries: ministry of Ecology, Energy, sustainable Development and Territorial Development; ministry of Economy, Finances, and Employment; ministry of Higher education and Research; ministry of Defense.

It is established in 10 different places in France since the Centre d’études de Gramat and its 250 employees, joined them at the beginning of 2010.

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